My passion:  Inspiring people to really dream again knowing that truly, all things are possible. I inspire and support people to live their dreams.

My mission: Helping people discover and get crystal clear about the vision and goals that they would love to achieve and then supporting them to turn these possibilities into results.

If you have been feeling the pull in your life for something greater — to achieve something more — but feel like you don’t know how to make your breakthrough, call me today for your free strategy session and let’s set a course to build your dream together.
The DreamBuilder   Book Patricia   Vision Workshop
DreamBuilder Course   Book Patricia   VisionWorkshop
  Do you have a business you want to dramatically grow, a relationship you want to create or a BIG idea you want to turn into reality? Patricia walks you through a simple yet powerful step-by-step formula for designing your dreams, and achieving HUGE results in HALF the time.     Organizations who hear Patricia speak will tell you that it’s an extraordinary experience — each time, every time. Patricia challenges, motivates and inspires her audience through her own life experiences, giving them the hope and courage to follow their dreams.     What is your vision for your life? Do you know if your dream is right for you? Would you like to experience how your life feels living your dream? Defining, sharing, testing, experiencing and making your dream a reality is what this powerful 3-hour workshop is all about.
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