The DreamBuilder   Book Patricia   Vision Workshop
DreamBuilder Course   Book Patricia   VisionWorkshop
  Do you have a business you want to dramatically grow, a relationship you want to create or a BIG idea you want to turn into reality? Patricia walks you through a simple yet powerful step-by-step formula for designing your dreams, and achieving HUGE results in HALF the time.     During this life-changing, six-month program, Patricia will guide you through six different areas of Mastery, one each month. With each area, you’ll break old patterns and paradigms as you learn the skills and abilities that will give you Mastery of that area in your life.    

What is your vision for your life? Do you know if your dream is right for you? Would you like to experience how your life feels living your dream? Defining, sharing, testing, experiencing and making your dream a reality is what this powerful 4-hour workshop is all about.

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