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“Set Yourself Free" - Your pathway to dissolve the blocks, barriers and barricades that stand between you and your Dreams.

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Patricia Barnett is an International Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Business Coach. Known as “The Results Expert”, Patricia has inspired and supported thousands of people worldwide to tap into their genius to achieve life-changing results in business and life.
Co-Author of Wealth Mastery for Women – 12 Laws to Create Wealth Starting Today, and best known for her unmatched passion for empowering others, Patricia serves as a catalyst, propelling individuals into purposeful action to earn more money, sustain success and live a life of rich fulfillment. 
As a celebrating business owner and part of her multi-million dollar business model, Patricia founded The Results Lab and now teaches others her formula for reaching the “summit” of success.  Providing the secret of how to move through blocks and barriers, Patricia offers the principles, systems and necessary techniques to create triumphant results in all areas of life.