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Escaping the Comparison Trap

You are an unlimited being, one of the most beautiful and unique creations ever designed. Your only limit is YOU and the beliefs that you’ve chosen to accept as true…beliefs like “I don’t measure up” or “I’m only average” or “I’m not talented.” 

Most of these limiting beliefs are rooted in comparison. While comparison can be a valuable source of growth and motivation, it can also throw us into a tail-chasing frenzy of self-doubt. We look at others and see all their beauty, talents and abilities that look so much more amazing than any of our own. And, in the process, we completely miss all that is so unique and beautiful about ourselves. 

One of the first moments of awareness in our existence is the moment that we declared our first “I Am.” From our name to our status in life, to our health and well-being, we are constantly declaring our “I Am.” 

What belief have you accepted as your “I Am?” Maybe something like: “I Am overweight?” “I Am broke?” “I Am always late?” “I Am constantly messing it up?” Start to notice where you declare your beliefs and your own personal value and worth. These are your personal limiting beliefs. They are what hold you back. 

Your true unhindered dance through this life begins when you release whatever disempowering “I Am” beliefs that you’ve held onto – and begin to declare and live by your new “I Am.” If you believed these new, empowering “I Am” statements were true about you, how would you now feel? How would you act? How would you show up in life? 

You may have no idea how that new “I Am” can truly happen, but, as a co-creator with an Infinite Source of Life, you can rest assured that your “I Am” will show up for you as you believe in it – and when you act as if you are already that person that you’ve been created to be. 

And best of all, as you begin to live from the “I Am” that you were truly meant to be, your Dance Through Life will become spectacular. 

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