About Patricia

Patricia Barnett is an international speaker, best selling author and performance coach in the field of both personal and professional transformation. She is the Founder of Results Mastery and the creator of ELEVATE! – The 7 Step Success System for Elevating Your Results in Business and in Life. Patricia specializes in helping others break free from their past, tap into who they really are and create a life they absolutely love living. She has supported thousands in transforming their lives to live fully present, celebrating life itself and being in love with life at all times.

Patricia is committed to empowering individuals to ELEVATE! their lives to master the ability to enjoy the magical moments of life they so richly deserve. What makes her so unique is that she is the only transformational master who teaches an unrivaled 7 Step Success System for those who want to know how to overcome barriers, break through the glass ceiling and achieve real results in real time in an era where so many feel overwhelmed, stressed out and spinning out of control.

Personal Achievements

Advisory Board member of LevelPlay Sports – Specializing in bringing Inclusion, Culture and Diversity Programs to the Executive Team and Board of Directors
Co-Author of Wealth Mastery for Women – 12 Laws to Create Wealth Starting Today

Co-Producer – Bob Proctor Live at Carnegie Hall with The Modern Day Millionaire

Co-Producer and Presenter – The Modern Day Millionaire Experience

Founding Partner of The Four Dames

Certified Life Coach from The Life Mastery Institute

Celebrated Business Owner and Serial Entrepreneur

Achieving Top 20 Producer and Top 100 Income Earner out of over 200,000 sales associates internationally

Creator of The Health Beat – Monthly Newsletter Publication and Weekly Training

25 Years experience as speaker and trainer in the realm of personal growth, leadership development and team expansion in the direct sales industry

Life time student in the field of self development, human potential and performance mindset

Devoted wife and loving mother

The Keys to Success:

Thinking in a certain way.
Acting in a certain way.
Being grateful all along the way.

Patricia Barnett

Patricia is no stranger to life’s challenges!

She has lived a formula for overcoming obstacles to produce thriving results in both her personal and professional life. With a dramatic win over a deadly illness, she has relied on her faith and unwavering belief to guide her through life’s most daunting challenges, and to ultimately achieve enviable success. In the midst of her health battle, Patricia termed herself a “thriver” – not a mere survivor.

Patricia has applied this attitude to every aspect of her life. The outcome? Patricia founded The Results Lab and now teaches others the principles, systems and necessary techniques to create triumphant results in all areas of life.

Today, Patricia is a Beacon of Hope, sharing her message as a one-on-one coach and to large audiences around the world – providing support for others to achieve their life’s goals and to live as “thrivers” no matter the circumstances. Illustrated by her own experiences of finding strength and courage in the midst of tragedy, her enthusiastic message is that anyone can achieve health, happiness, and success if equipped with the right tools.

Patricia is a dedicated and loving wife to her husband, Richard, and together they have enjoyed every moment raising their two incredible children, Ross and Amber, who are now adults living incredible lives of great success and rich fulfillment.