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Christina Sion
Happy Client
The time with Patricia was incredibly powerful. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit stagnant in my business life. This experience is exactly what I needed to really propel me forward.
Ashly Torian
Speaker, Author, Trainer
Coaching with Patricia was a career and life saving act for me. My business and I had been struggling for several years. Hiring Patricia led to my ability to find the focus for my business, transform who I was BEING, and change course direction for my life. Patricia taught me HOW to BE the woman that creates the life she desires. That in and of itself is the BEST gift I could ever receive.
Vanessa Dewing
Actress, Entrepreneur & Podcast Host
You take the most playful, challenging, stretching adventure with Patricia, and she is your angel and your inner voice the whole way through. Never alone, and never a chance to revert back to the person you were, but move forward into the best version of yourself in every moment!