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Whether it is a keynote, workshop or leadership retreat, with Patricia you can be assured of an absolutely transformational experience with lasting results. As the founder of Results Mastery, Patricia is dedicated in supporting individuals worldwide, to reach their highest potential in business and in life.

Patricia brings to the stage the “know how” of what it takes to move past current blocks and barriers while equipping audiences with the necessary principles, strategies and techniques in order to elevate personal performance and achieve accelerated results.

An Unforgettable Speaking Experience Tailored Specifically for Your Audience

Just as there are no two people alike, there are no two organizations or companies who are exactly alike. Each has its own set of challenges, obstacles, and cultures that have been created. Patricia’s special gift is developing an experience uniquely tailored to address the organization’s specific goals, challenges, victories and setbacks.

Patricia is an entertaining, dynamic, experienced speaker who will keep your audience engaged and learning the whole way through. She will design a targeted, memorable experience that will inspire, empower and elevate each individual in your audience.

As the founder of Results Mastery, Patricia supports her clients in achieving elevated results, specializing and working within the “sweet spot” of three main areas: personal development, leadership development and
team development.

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Experience Counts
Patricia is an entertaining, dynamic, experienced speaker who will keep your audience engaged and learning the whole way through. She has over 25 years of experience as an international speaker and speaks to groups as small as 15 or as large as 15,000; while keeping the entire audience on the edge of their seats and wanting more.

Relevant Content
You want someone who understands and connects with your audience. Patricia has a keen sense of knowing the audience and building their belief of what is really possible in reaching the next level of success. Oftentimes she is more understanding and insightful about their potential than they ever could be on their own.

Personalized Approach
Patricia designs her programs to benefit her clients directly. She does not believe in the one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to the success of her clients. Patricia will work with you personally and deliver a keynote with maximized benefit for you.

Customized to Fit Your Needs
You want options that fit your needs. Patricia offers one-hour presentations, half day or full day workshops and leadership retreats. Patricia will work with you to customize the time frame and content based on your objectives.

Results Driven
You want a speaker who has real experience in business and in life, not someone who has gotten all knowledge from a book. Patricia has reached the top levels of success professionally and overcome serious health challenges personally. She has a proven method for overcoming obstacles and shares her proven formula to produce real results in real time.

True Professional
Patricia is a true professional, not a diva who will make unreasonable demands. She is super easy to work with and often gets rave reviews about how pleasant the experience is for event planners, organizers and company owners.

Lasting Impact
You want lasting results, not a soon-forgotten talk that won’t impact your people or your business. Patricia provides a memorable experience that will inspire, empower and elevate each individual in your audience.

Patricia shows up at the beginning of the day and stays until the end. Included in her speaking fee, Patricia is available for book signings, break out sessions, leadership luncheons, and awards celebrations. Ongoing programs and support available upon request.

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Patricia Barnett will knock your socks off with a powerful presentation that will have a profound effect on your company and organization as a whole as well as each and every individual producer.
Your team can achieve so much more… it’s time to empower them to do so!

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About Patricia

Patricia Barnett is an International Best Selling Author, Transformational Leader and Performance Specialist who has inspired and supported thousands of people worldwide to tap into their genius to achieve life-changing results in business and in life.

Co-Author of Wealth Mastery for Women – 12 Laws to Create Wealth Starting Today, she is best known for inspiring her audiences with her unmatched passion for empowering and elevating others. Patricia serves as a catalyst, propelling individuals into purposeful action to achieve greater results, elevated success and to live a life of rich fulfillment.

As a celebrated business owner, Patricia brings to the stage proven experience in creating stellar results both professionally and personally. Patricia founded Results Mastery and now teaches others her personal formula for success. Equipping audiences with the secret of how to move through blocks and barriers, Patricia offers the principles, systems and necessary techniques in order to create triumphant results in all areas of life.

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