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Imagine Knowing a Proven Formula for Success

…that you can use over and over to achieve your greatest goals and literally live the life of your dreams.

Your best life is calling you!
If you are ready to accelerate your results, achieve your greatest goals and literally live the life of your dreams…

Patricia Is With You Every Step of the Way!

Private Coaching Includes:

VIP Day Intensive
with Patricia

The VIP Day Intensive is the jumpstart you are looking for to create next level results and sustained success . You will leave this meeting with the clarity, confidence, focus, structure and next steps in elevating your results in business and in life.

Personal One-on-One

Patricia provides personal guidance and support in the realm of personal mastery so that you move past any barriers that come your way to reach the next level of success in business and in life.  With consistency being key in the coaching process, you will connect with Patricia via Bi Monthly Coaching Calls, Weekly Check Ins and Unlimited Emails. 

Results Mastery Success System and Access to the Results Lab

The Results Lab is a live, weekly group coaching program designed for you to learn and apply Patricia signature formula for success.  Each week you will learn the steps for producing elevated results and sustained success in every are of your life. Also included, "Q & A" session and personal coaching in the group setting.  These session are recording for your convenience.

Patricia specializes in working with business owners, speakers, and coaches…

…those who are ready willing and able to go to the next pinnacle of success. Working with Patricia you will achieve elevated success, greater freedom and more passion for life and a whole lot of fun.

You Hold the Keys

What I know for sure is today is the first day of the rest of your life. The only question is, “Are you ready? Are you REALLY ready?”

Are you ready to move past the blocks and barriers? Are you ready to move faster? Are you ready go further, to reach the higher levels of success? And are you ready to let it be easier?

The truth is you are the one holding the keys. This is your time. And the only question you need to answer is, “Are you ready?”

If you are looking to collapse time and accelerate your results, the keys are in your hands. Let’s set up a call to explore the fastest way to get you from where you are now to the results and success that you are longing to achieve. Your best life is calling you.


Real Results. Real Time.


Patricia Barnett is an international speaker, best selling author and performance coach in the field of both personal and professional transformation. She is the Founder of Results Mastery and the creator of ELEVATE! – The 7 Step Success System for Elevating Your Results in Business and in Life. Patricia specializes in helping others break free from their past, tap into who they really are and create a life they absolutely love living. She has supported thousands in transforming their lives to live fully present, celebrating life itself and being in love with life at all times.

Patricia is committed to empowering individuals to ELEVATE! their lives to master the ability to enjoy the magical moments of life they so richly deserve. What makes her so unique is that she is the only transformational master who teaches an unrivaled 7 Step Success System for those who want to know how to overcome barriers, break through the glass ceiling and achieve real results in real time in an era where so many feel overwhelmed, stressed out and spinning out of control.

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