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How to Turn “Shelf-Help” into Real “Self-Help”

How many times have you been really inspired after a seminar or workshop, bought the book or enrolled in the program only to find that nothing in your life really shifted? 

The problem wasn’t in the book or program, it was in the follow through. The fact is, you can’t just “will” results to happen. If you want something to change, you have to actually change something. 

Daily action is the secret. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with any new goal. The key is to break it down into small pieces so you can take action every day. When you focus on daily action, you are able to move closer to your objective, one small step at a time, without being distracted by the size of the task. 

Rhythm and consistency create momentum. When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen wrote their first Chicken Soup for the Soul book, they practiced something called “The Daily Rule of 5.” Every day, they took five specific action steps to promote the book. 

Some examples of their actions included:

• Give 5 Radio interviews daily

• Send a copy of their book to 5 book reviewers

• Send a copy of their book to 5 celebrities

These were all simple things to do, but over time they added up. Within a year, Chicken Soup for the Soul was on the best sellers list. It all came down to consistent daily action.

The same principle applies to a dream or goal you might have. The truth is, there is most certainly SOMETHING you could do every day. A powerful practice to adopt is at the end of each day, ask yourself, “What action step can I take tomorrow to bring me closer to my goal?” Then schedule that action and make sure that action is completed. Before you know it, you will be crossing the finish line!

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